About Us

I’m often asked ‘Why did you start Say Fish?

I’ll be honest, my beginnings in the food trade have been colourful. I was young and lost. I never studied business or finished high school. All I cared about was earning a good wage and being my own boss. So I sold hot dogs, yes, hot dogs! Sure, I was making money, but as time went by I started to think…as a global citizen, am I making a difference? Ethically, did I have a responsibility to whoever was on the opposite side of the counter?

So in 2010, I made a change.

Let’s get this clear: I ADORE seafood! Every Friday was fish Friday in my home growing up. And fish and chips in one of Ireland’s best comfort foods. But if I wanted to be a ethical trader, I would need to commit to one word: Sustainability – “the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance”. Overfishing is real and the stock levels of our most common fish eaten in Ireland are disappearing. So we never serve Cod or Sea Bass; instead serving Pollock, Haddock, Ling, Red Gurnard or Sea Bream. We are happy to say our fish is fresh each morning, locally caught and ethically sourced.

But sustainability is more than just food. And that’s why in 2011, we moved to a bio degradable packaging to dish up our delicious fish and chips.

We bring the same great food to you each week due to our fantastic suppliers. Our fish supplier advises us on the best fish to use ecologically, our potato suppliers advise us on what spuds are in season and our fruit & veg suppliers help us handpick the best ingredients for our delicious sauces.

SayFish is more than just me. My true passion comes from seeing the same excited customers each week, eagerly awaiting to trying our fresh fish and chips. Honest food makes honest people happy.

Thinking back to our hot dog days and to how far we’ve come, I can honestly state I’m enormously proud of SayFish and excited to see what the future holds.

Eat more, Say Fish – Dave